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Super Happy Fun Time 36 Super Happy Fun Time 36

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have diab atus. Hahhaha.

A new challenger has entered the ring. ALPHAMAN!!!!

Hey dude this rocks and I hope to save it. If you need any tools to make more please feel free to contact me. I'd love to help.

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Alphaman responds:

Sorry, I don't have the program that has insulinpump's voice.


Thanks again, i'll ask you if I need anything on skype :)

Pong Awesome! Pong Awesome!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

AWESOMME hapy birklday ^^ LUL

Sorry Slintas but I don't have a sense of humor and I can't condone your pong awesome movie as it's an obvious insult to our beloved awesome demigod with whom you should all be worshiping.

You're not worthy of taking up the same space as him and he should be on Cartoon Network making the big Bucks. Fuck you!

by the way fived AND favorited. I hate you for making me review again!

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Slintas responds:

Hahaha! Best review EVER. No, really! I mean it. ;)
Thanks my good friend!

Super Happy Fun Time 22 Super Happy Fun Time 22

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok the summary is to short.

I think that i was shot in the shoulder. A pancreas would probably be maybe the other side and more to the mid section.

And now you know! And also where did Romancollar find such a powerful looking gun? It was an honor to be shot by a device of such fine craftsmanship.

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SherClockHolmes responds:

Your pancreas is located in your shoulder don't listen to them fancy biologistmajigers. Romancollar is in th army duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Super Happy Fun Time 15 Super Happy Fun Time 15

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Only I May Laugh

Well if I was going to dress up like anyone I'm glad it was Conan and not Leno or Letterman.

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SherClockHolmes responds:


Spawn the Flash Movie 2 Spawn the Flash Movie 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't usually leave reviews very often and I've for the most part stopped watching flash all together but this was so worth it. It's funny, entertaining quick paced and got some iconic characters you don't see overexposed on Newgrounds. That's pretty hard to do in it self. I especially like the part with Clown. After I was done it made me want to watch the first one. Are you going to make anymore or anything else like this? When it comes to this kinda thing I guess I'm just a dumb fan boy at heart. Thanks for making me smile.

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DrFishSticks responds:

cheers! ^^ I've finished the third one, and will make the 4th in august. The 4th is gonna just have spawn characters, I've had some decent ideas.
awesome JJJ pic btw.

Star Wars AFP Lost Stuff Star Wars AFP Lost Stuff

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All right!

Nothing like having my name on something I didn't do! :D

Seriously though I demand you do the Jar Jar masturbating scene that I voiced! Come on, it's suitable for all audiences!

I still think you've gotten very far in this it's a shame you couldn't like just sort of edit the parts of the script that might take too long and finish where this flash ends off. But i know how it is.... at least you got front page! Good job! Now more people will want to see how it ends! The part where Lucas says you should dedicate your life to Star Wars was great. I laughed! All in all, i like how cynical it is. Ha. Yeah Newgrounds can do that to ya ...

Hertog Jan 64 Hertog Jan 64

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was amazing.

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Honey Roasted Peanuts 3 Honey Roasted Peanuts 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wonderful! Happy Clock day to youz guyz! If anyone deserves the praise it's you 2! And AAND The roasted peanuts keeps evolving. What the hell would a fourth look like?! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhahsjdhsjdhksa

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Pethetic Ep 2 Part 2/3 MG Pethetic Ep 2 Part 2/3 MG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ha Ha Ha

The Foamee part had me cracking up. I could never make anything this immense anymore. Good job as usual! :D

"Peter meets Seth" "Peter meets Seth"

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I'm surprised I've never seen this before. Well.. actually I'm not surprised I haven't, sadly. I mean this really should be in the parody collection but what're ya gonna do? This must of taken you forever and I must praise you for that. It's got some pretty good concepts and the graphics were really clean. My biggest problem that annoyed me a whole lot was the sound did not appear to be synced with the animation. It distracted me from actually enjoying it more and paying attention.

Have you tried putting the sound files in there own movie clips? 9 times out of ten it fixes problems with syncing.

Sorry if it appears I'm being a pest since this was submitted a while ago but I really think it would be worth it to fix that and edit this submission because of all the colossal effort you put into it. Very nice work. If you need any help with voice acting I think I would probably be willing to lend a hand. That is, if you are still doing stuff like this. You're the kind of author I like to watch to see what else he has up his sleeve in the future. Hopefully that is encouraging!

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Llorente responds:

I am glad to see that people actually take some time to write their reviews and offer a piece of constructive criticism. The next one (not sure if it will be on NG, though) will be definitely be on YouTube, and this time I've got radio professionals that have volunteered their efforts to lend me a hand with the script, and the best Family Guy impersonator on the entertainment industry right now besides MacFarlane, who is also very excited about the idea.

I'll update my profile blog on that once this supreme episode is done... Thank you, and stay tuned!