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Insulin makes a new movie : SUPER TRANSFORMERS FUN TIME!11

2015-11-05 11:29:58 by Dekathos

'Till all diabetics are one!' 



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2015-11-05 19:13:26

''insulinus prime!

i shed tears of joy and nostalgia as i see your face once again....
how many years has it been since we last talked?
months? years? decades?

i still remember when you fought alongside with me on the cybertron wars VS the diabeticons, the evil robots that had the powers of diabeetus, and i also remember their evil leader, galvatron, who was as insane as megatron, if not more...

but i digress, for the truly happy moment has arrived.

our king, our protector, insulinus prime, holder of the matrix, defender of cybertron, guardian of the insulinium lands, and protector of earth from the diabeetus, the true hero has returned, at long last.

autobots, lets transform, and roll out!

because we are more than meets the insulin!''

-chris the stick2- aka ''hotrod'', loyal autobot friend of insulinus prime, and person in charge of the fanmail.

Dekathos responds:

"Then you'd be in charge of your own fan mail, Prime!"


2015-11-05 19:14:36

but seriously man, nice to see you making cool movies again.

great movie, i was laughing for hours!

you rock!

PS: we should work in something nowadays... SHFT i say!

Dekathos responds:



2015-11-07 21:18:12

this ''no'' has hurt my feelings.

grimlock sad!

is it because i didnt deliver my voice-acting to you?
if so, im sorry.

at least, will you do more SHFT's within this year(at least during the end of 2015, and in the start of 2016?)???

anyways, i hope that we are still friends, and i will be patiently waiting for the next chapter of the legendary SHFT diabeetus saga

Dekathos responds:

We can't seem to get online together on skype. It's really no problem anyway. I was just joking with you.

I wish I could make more cartoons but I am struggling with a lot of issues right now and I get depressed really easily. I'm not motivated enough. I'd really like to make something big but with my job, lack of support and lack of skills I don't see that happening.


2015-11-09 21:51:34

i see.

either way, if you ever need some voice-acting, PM me either here, or e-mail me on hotmail.
i will reply on the same day(different time ofc, but on the same day at least)

also, dont get depressed, please!
you are a great person and you have alot of humour, good taste and a nice personality, while your movies are good, clever and nicely animated. (also they are funny)

question: whats your job? (you can PM me the answer if you feel bad about this.)
also, lack of motivation? you got me! (lol jk)
lack of talent(?!) you have talent mate, wth r u talking about?

i wish that i would have the same epicness of your flash animating skills, really!
you have talent, and you have great humour, and those 2 are hard to find in an artist nowadays...
(in animation and stuff and in general)

anyways, if you ever feel sad, PM me/chat/e-mail me, i will be always happy to talk with you and maybe make you happy(or happier, at least)

Dekathos responds:

I wanted to do something BIG; too big for one person and I'm sorry I really don't have the skills for it. I always keep it in mind though in case things change. Thanks for trying to keep me positive.


2015-11-29 22:41:08

hello, my good friend!

ah. you want to do something big.
but what do you mean by big? a movie? a large-scale animation?
i would like to know more about this (simply out of curiocity, and i dont want to be annoying. if i start being annoying (too much), then tell me, and i shall stop)

feel free to PM me, to tell me more about your plans... (if you dont wanna post it in here, you can always PM me to discuss about your big-movie-project, i believe that it will be awesome)

plus, when you discuss about a dream, you're closer to making it a reality, you know? ;)

lastly, i do believe that you have great animation skills.
otherwise, i wouldn't have so much faith in your movies/animations.

i mean,do you remember your old ''jokergrounds'' movie? it was drawn in PERFECT batman-animated style, and it felt like the actual cartoon! (even tho it was alot more gory, and for a good reason; for the suspence/surprise!)
when i first saw that movie, i was like ''WOAH! insulin pump did it again! he nailed a perfect movie, and he did all this, drawn in the classic batman-the-animated series drawing style....''
which is difficult to imitate, let alone master.

and you nailed it! 100%!

say, why you removed ''jokergrounds'' from your movies?
it got a daily 2nd award and many distinctions, so i believe that it should be visible to be seen/voted/reviewed.


the only obstacle that i see in your movies, is perhaps your lack of free time.
but thats life, man.
life, work and friends need our time, and thats why we dont have alot of free time.

what can i say.

hmmm, hey, man... in your last message, you told ma that your job prevents you from creating more art.(or something along those lines).
whats your job? (reply in a PM if you dont wanna say ot out loud)

anyways, please keep your spirit up, be happy (or try it at least), and always create art!
you have the skills, now all you need is free time.

PS: feel free to PM me anytime in here or via skype.
even an offline message will be read & responded back to you, my good pal!
i can voice-act for you, insulinus prime!

Dekathos responds:

I think your review for Jokergrounds was the best review I've ever read from you. That movie was way too serious and not funny enough. Also the Joker was sort of acting like me. I get real frustrated on Newgrounds sometimes. I don't watch many movies here anymore. Sometimes I get jealous.


2015-12-12 20:28:45

well, thanks for appreciating my review for jokergrounds! :)

tho, to be honest, and while i dont wanna brag, i always got a good rank in the review writers guild here in NG, and i always wanted to write helpful, and detailed reviews, so i guess im learning/improving nicely in that department! :)

as for the movie itself, jokergrounds was a genius movie.
it looked like a classic, awesome batman animated episode, with harley quinn being fighting versus batman and sending the cartoonish hyena's to him, and joker being a insane(yet funny) villain, having creative ways to kill his hostage, but THEN!
the unexpected happens!

it turns out that joker actually, eventually kills his hostage, and for the first time in a long time, joker wins, and batman loses (quite awfully, i may add).

i won't lie to you.
when i first watched ''jokergrounds'', i was horrified.
i was speechless, and i gave it a serious thought about whether i would review this movie or not.
(i was too scared by its violence towards tom, it was gory, and i was expecting a serious backlash from that movie....)

...but nothing happened.

in fact, everyone in the portal (and tom, along with all the admins and his brother), LIKED IT.
for the same reasons that i liked it: it was INCREDIBLY well-designed, (just like batman; the animated series), it was nicely animated(like a pro), and it had the perfect anti-climactic ending that noone would ever expect from a batman movie.

also, its gore could easily appeal to all the ''assasin''/telebubbies/club-a-seal fans, giving even more fame to your movie in that specific viewing audience as well.

and you know what else happened?
the people of NG and tom didnt only like it, no, they also gave it a daily 2nd award(a huge honour!), and they featured the movie in the front page of newgrounds!(for many days)

and back then, people were alot more active in NG, so yes, getting a daily 2nd and a frontpage was a HARD thing to achieve. (or, harder than nowadays, that is)

so, bottom-line, my friend is:
dont get mad at NG.
dont get jealous.

you have GREAT skills. im not kidding.
if you dont believe me, i can always ask other NG users about you.
they will say the same thing, if not more.
you are a very skilled and talented artist.
you are jealous?
i should be jealous of your skills and of your good humour...
but im never jealous, i only admire my idols/artists/friends.

you are a nice person, and your movies often have a creative, dramatic and/or hillarious tone on them, they are truly wonderfully done.

and you make them from the heart, thats why i love them.

please dont get angry or too tired by my long post...

i have to say this to you, for it is the truth.

you spit at newgrounds, and it becomes a success.
you make a parody, and it becomes a success.
you make a ''mediocre'' movie(by your standarts mediocre), and it is a masterpiece.

you have the skills.
you have the humour.
you have the talent.

i dont.
i just try my best.

so whatever you do, never lose hope.
keep walking, darn it! :)

PS: sorry for the long-ass post. some things need to be said, sometimes.
plz read and respond, at any time, if you want.
please dont hate me.


2015-12-25 10:59:04

merry christmas, and have a happy new year! :D


2016-01-15 20:38:56

hello, whats new with you?


2016-03-31 18:01:51

hello my good sir.

how are you?


2016-07-06 19:22:22


its been a long time.

how are you?
i hope that you are well, my friend!

im good, im making some CC comics with my characters BB10, and im also planning to do some flash movies. things are quiet, and the weather is VERY warm.

feel free to tell me your news, and PM me/message me anytime.
be well.


2016-08-30 18:18:01


whats up?

i did some funny movies this summer.
should i make new SHFT's? i want to.


2017-04-04 20:06:25

hello there, how are you, my good friend?

im good, planning to make more flash movies.

have a nice day.